Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Final Six Book Review

The Final Six by Alexandra Monir

The Final Six by Alexandra Monir is a science fiction novel that's all about saving humanity. After a series of tsunamis, floods and earthquakes, 24 teenagers are selected around the world to train with NASA, but only 6 will be selected to go on Pontus, the spacecraft for Jupiter's moon that's called Europa. These 6 must be the first humans to go to Europa and recolonize the human race. At the training center Leo Danielle, a swift swimmer from Rome, Italy and Naomi Ardalan, a high school student from Los Angeles, California, find themselves drawing towards feelings of love for each other.

The time is suspenseful as their training continues and after the mysterious mental breakdown of 2 contestants, Leo and Naomi know that something's fishy. Naomi finds out that the 'vaccine' they've been taking is in fact bacteria from the planet Europa and that they're shooting alien substances into their own bodies. The cost of knowing NASA's secrets is vile, as Leo and Naomi are forced to separate. Will they ever be together again? Will the truth about the vaccine's be exposed?

In my opinion, The Final Six is a great novel. The book does have a sequel called The Life Below. If these books do become a series, then I'd love to read them, since I enjoy space along with science fiction novels. There are more times where I felt that the focus did shift at times towards Naomi and Leo's relationship more than the actual plot. Despite that, it's obvious that the author made extensive research on many branches of science to put the whole story together. Overall, I'd say that The Final Six by Alexandra Monir is a great novel that captures readers by the first glance. Rubama H.; Teen Reviewer.