Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Alex Morgan - Breakaway Book Review


Alex Morgan’s life begins in a Diamond Bar, a small town in California. Her dreams of becoming a professional soccer player were evident to the people she knew. Despite many rejections, injuries, and obstacles, Alex Morgan’s determination carried her all the way to making her dream come true. Her book takes you on a rollercoaster by learning about what Alex had to do to overcome these ups and downs meanwhile continuing to strive for her goal. Later in her life, Alex meets her childhood idols on the USWNT and becomes the best and well-known women’s soccer player in the world.
In my opinion, this book is a must-read to any boy or girl throughout all ages that enjoy soccer. Alex is a big inspiration to many young kids all over the globe and her story has many of her quotes that keep her going through the roughest of times. Alex’s writing style makes it very easy to follow along with her life but also makes it descriptive enough that the reader can feel what she is trying to say. Other teens should know that anybody can learn something from Alex—whether it is from her quotes or determination.  Brandon L., Teen Reviewer