Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Macbeth Book Review

William Shakespeare

I just recently read the book Macbeth by William Shakespeare.  Macbeth is a 5-act long play from the Elizabethan time period in England (November 17, 1558 - March 24, 1603).  Macbeth takes place in the somewhat Middle Ages in Scotland and England.  Macbeth is a Thane of a place called Glams, which is one class lower than a king.  After finishing a battle, Macbeth and his fellow general Banquo stumble upon some witches.  The witches tell Macbeth that he will be king.  This gets Macbeth thinking, and with some persuasion from his wife, he kills King Duncan.  Macbeth becomes king afterwards and slowly descends into madness as he kills anyone preventing him from being king.

As for someone who doesn’t understand this earlier version of English that well, Macbeth was quite a challenge to read.  If it were written in simpler English, it would be easier to follow.  This book/play serves as a cautionary tale about what happens if someone is tempted to take shortcuts with dire consequences to success.  For a cautionary tale, it’s really interesting to see how everything plays out in an almost chain reaction sort of way.  I recommend this book to someone who is interested in The Middle Ages, while also learning an important life lesson about temptation.  I really like the book because there are so many different parts that link together to a really fantastic and shocking ending.  The murder scenes are really good, too.  Some of them are pretty serious, and some others are actually pretty funny if one were to think about it.  Macbeth is a really interesting, wonderful, and tragic story that is timeless and a pleasure to read. Julia D.; Teen Reviewer