Saturday, November 19, 2016

Between Here and Forever Book Review

Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott

Between here and forever by Elizabeth Scott is a story where this girl named Abby has a close relationship with her sister named Tess. Abby would love to be like Tess someday because she is beautiful and perfect, until her accident occurs. Tess went to a party with her friends and they were dancing, singing, drinking and having a great time until she started to notice that her friends were starting to get drunk. When she saw that happening she decided to leave the party a little early to avoid driving with a drunk person. But… on the way home she gets into a car accident. The car slips into black ice, and turns upside down. Tess is in a coma. Abby is really upset and her whole life is on hold until Tess wakes up. Abby wants her sister back so badly that she asks a stranger to try and bring her back. Tess never wakes up.

The plot of the book is that Abby loses her sister named Tess, but she moves on with her life. I really liked the book because it shows to deal with a loss and how close siblings are. I would recommend this book to a middle school and a high school audience, because it is appropriate for anyone to read .I do think that this book should be in the library. I also think that a few teens will feel involved in this book because some people could have siblings that were involved in a car crash. Overall, it is a great book to read. Leyla L.; Teen Reviewer

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