Monday, November 28, 2016

Lexa Pro's and Cons Book Review

Lexa Pro’s and Cons by Aaron Karo

The book Lexapro’s and Cons by Aaron Karo is about a boy named Chuck who has a best friend named Steve. Chuck is seventeen years old and he has OCD. Chuck has a mom, dad and sister named Beth. Chuck’s real name is Charle’s Taylor and People Call him Chuck because Chuck Taylor was a famous player in the 1920s.Chuck likes to think he is a famous person .Chuck wanted new shoes for $45 and replace them with the old ones. Chuck’s mom was thrilled he wanted them. They got every color available and Chuck had a mountain full of shoes in his closet. Every day he would where a different color for different moods. Steve did not want to know what chuck was doing and Chuck would not tell anyone about his emotion code. Chuck had a girlfriend named Amy and they went to the library every once in a week so Chuck could tutor her for calc. One day Amy brought cupcakes and they were decorated with math problems. When Chuck saw it he licked every single frosting off which left to show Amy that he had OCD. They Amy was upset but when prom came around Chuck asked her out and it was a happy ending.

 The authors writing style was easy to understand. I really like the way the book was written in. The main idea was very clear so it was very easy to understand.  I would recommend this book to my friends or to someone who is looking forward in to reading a really good book. Overall it was a great book. Mirza M.; Teen Reviewer . . . 

The List Book Review

The List by Siobhan Vivian

The book The List by Siobhan Vivian is a young adult story. It’s about this list that is hung every year in the school. The list contains the names of eight girls in the high school. Out of the eight girls four of them are listed as the prettiest in their grades and the other four are listed as the ugliest in their grades. The book is set to be written as a different person’s point of view for every chapter. I wasn’t very interested in the story because of the format of the book. It was very confusing to keep up with every character since every chapter was different and had a different person’s point of view. In the book the girls prove the peer pressure that they are going through and all the drama that are caused from the list. The author showed what most girls face in their teenage years and that is not being able to accept yourself for who you are and trying to be someone one who you are not. It really showed what is going on in this world. Every chapter explains how the girls are different and it shows their point of view. With eight perspectives of the story it was a lot to handle, so I wasn’t that focused. That’s all because of the peer pressure and everything that a teenage has to face in order to survive their teenage years. It would be wrong to say that it’s only the teenagers who face this but it’s mostly the teenagers. Therefore, I didn’t really like this book so I wouldn’t offer someone else to read it mainly because of the format and the confusion. Mirza H.; Teen Reviewer

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Between Here and Forever Book Review

Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott

Between here and forever by Elizabeth Scott is a story where this girl named Abby has a close relationship with her sister named Tess. Abby would love to be like Tess someday because she is beautiful and perfect, until her accident occurs. Tess went to a party with her friends and they were dancing, singing, drinking and having a great time until she started to notice that her friends were starting to get drunk. When she saw that happening she decided to leave the party a little early to avoid driving with a drunk person. But… on the way home she gets into a car accident. The car slips into black ice, and turns upside down. Tess is in a coma. Abby is really upset and her whole life is on hold until Tess wakes up. Abby wants her sister back so badly that she asks a stranger to try and bring her back. Tess never wakes up.

The plot of the book is that Abby loses her sister named Tess, but she moves on with her life. I really liked the book because it shows to deal with a loss and how close siblings are. I would recommend this book to a middle school and a high school audience, because it is appropriate for anyone to read .I do think that this book should be in the library. I also think that a few teens will feel involved in this book because some people could have siblings that were involved in a car crash. Overall, it is a great book to read. Leyla L.; Teen Reviewer

Speak Book Review

Laurie Halse Anderson

After a party which results in the police being called, freshman Melinda Sordino isn’t the most popular girl in school. The only friend that she manages to make is Heather, a girl who has just moved into the neighborhood, and doesn’t really know anyone or anything that has happened at the school. Even then, Melinda thinks of her as a “disposable friend”. Melinda as a character changes much throughout the book. She goes from a very secluded person who thinks badly of most everyone, to a more mentally strong and stable person.

            The author Laurie Halse Anderson has done a phenomenal job in developing the characters, especially main character Melinda Sordino. The also incredibly sensitive topic of sexual abuse is covered in this book and the author does it perfectly. The book flows beautifully, and often has flashbacks to the party where “it happened”. The author could have done a better job of elaborating what happened at the party where Melinda was sexually assaulted, and how she got invited into that party, but the way Anderson did it was fine. This book will resonate differently with different people, and depending on their background, this could be an emotional book. This title is definitely one that is worth having at the library, as it talks about topics such as bullying, ostracism, and sexual assault. This title is one that both middle schoolers and high-schoolers can read without much trouble, as it uses simpler words, though there is a bit of foul language here and there. Lyonel L.; Teen Reviewer

The Remedy Book Review

The Remedy by Suzanne Young
Quinlan is a closer, she has been since she was seven years old. She is responsible to provide closure to any grieving family that has lost a teenage daughter. How Quinn does this is that she can become anyone. She has been recommended by grief counselors and is hired by families to take the temporary role of a dead loved one. She isn’t EXACTLY the same but she wears their same clothes, same hairstyle, and accent and studies them through videos and pictures of them. She can then act like them, behave like them but to do her job successfully, she can’t get attached to anyone. Now that Quinn is 17 she doesn’t know who exactly she is, she confuses her own past to someone she depicts.

I liked Quinn in this story, she had a really tough job though and her father pushed her so hard all the time. The way she was thrust into the homes of people and expected to make them feel better did not sound like the easiest or least stressful of jobs! I do, however, appreciate what she does for these grieving families. This book was a unique and well thought out book. Suzanne Young once again managed to come up with something imaginative and so well written that the words seemed to flow off the page and sweep you up in their warm current and carry you away. Literally when I got the book, I couldn’t stop reading it, this book is a real page turner and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone! Leslie L.; Teen Reviewer