Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Duff Book Review

The Duff by Kody Keplinger

Bianca is a senior in high school. She has 2 friends named Jess and Casey. She is considered as a designated ugly fat friend compared to the popular girls. Bianca has a special place in her heart for the guy that she loves named Toby.  But besides that, there is a guy in her school named Wesley that she absolutely hates. She wouldn’t come anywhere near him or speak to him because he considered Bianca as a Duff. Until one day, Bianca and Wesley were sitting next to each other, and out of nowhere, they kissed! Bianca seems to have enjoyed that moment that she had with Wesley even though they were enemies. Bianca then finds out that Wesley’s life is pretty screwed up like hers, and with absolute horror, she’s falling for the guy that she thought she hated the most, building an enemies-with-benefits relationship.

          The main message of this book is that sometimes you will fall in love with the person you hate the most, so you shouldn’t pick enemies quite yet. I think the author did a great job presenting the book as the message was very easy to interpret and find. It was pretty straight forward, and was very easy to read, because everything made sense and there weren’t any errors. I think the author made a very clear point about enemies and relationships so there might be a few teenagers reading the book and thinking about how it connects with them. I would recommend this book to a high-school audience, because some parts of the book contain sexual actions which some middle schoolers wouldn’t be able to handle. I think that this book is worth having in the library because it shows how some people can connect with the story. Leyla L.; Teen Reviewer

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