Monday, February 1, 2016

Looking for Alaska Book Review

Looking for Alaska Review

            Looking for Alaska by John Green is about a junior in high school named Miles “Pudge” Halter who meets his love interest, a beautiful but troubled girl named Alaska Young, at a boarding school in Alabama who goes missing and Pudge feels like it’s his responsibility, along with his friend and roommate, Chip “The Colonel” Martin, to find out what happened to her. At his boarding school, Pudge does a lot of things with Alaska, the Colonel, and his friend Takumi Hikohito that he would’ve never done at his home in Florida, like start smoking. At one point, Alaska sets Pudge up with a Romanian girl named Lara Buterskaya, but Pudge finds himself falling in love with Alaska rather than Lara. Alaska insists on keeping her relationship with Pudge platonic and has no interest in dating poor Pudge. Together, they all pull crazy pranks on a group of students they don’t get along with and Pudge learns that Alaska blames herself for her mother’s death when she was 8, which explains why she’s so troubled. On the anniversary of her mother’s death, Alaska mysteriously goes missing and no one knows where she went. Pudge decided that he had to find out what happened to her and spends the remainder of the book trying to fit the pieces together to see what happened to Alaska Young.

            The book was fairly easy to understand; I had no trouble understanding it. The book flowed together nicely and any flaws that the book may have are outweighed by the content. Before reading this book, one should be aware that there is a brief sexual scene at one part and the teenagers are often drinking, smoking, and using explicit language so one should be mature enough to handle things like that. As Pudge goes on a wild ride trying to figure out what happened to Alaska, the reader feels like he’s on the journey with him trying to figure everything out too. I recommend this book to anyone between the ages of 15-17 and anyone who likes a mystery would be intrigued to find out what happens to Alaska while reading this. This book is one worth keeping in the library.  Christina D.; Teen Reviewer

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