Friday, November 20, 2015

The Selection Book Review

The Selection by Kiera Cass

     In our near future, North and South America has joined to be a country named Illea, ruled by a king. Illea’s citizens are organized into castes, with 1 being the royals, and 8 being the untouchables. The only way to move up is to marry someone in a higher caste, or to enter the Selection. The Selection is a competition for 35 girls to compete for the heart of the Prince, and become the future Queen. America Singer enters with her heart belonging to another, and no real desire to win. However, she quickly falls in love with Prince Maxon. The problem? There’s 34 other girls ready to fight nail and tooth to become a 1.

    Kiera Cass delivers a quick and easy read. It’s funny, believable, and the world building isn’t forced on the reader. It’s a very girly book, with a lot of descriptions of the dresses. It isn’t too complex. There aren’t many other books of this topic, so it isn’t truly comparable. This book is marketed for pre-teens, who I l believe would like it. I would pick up this book if you want to simply have a fun read. Briana B.; Teen Reviewer

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