Monday, March 16, 2015

Soul Surfer Book Review

Soul Surfer

The true, inspiring and fascinating book, Soul Surfer, was written by Bethany Hamilton. Bethany was raised in a family of avid surfers. Bethany has always been passionate about surfing ever since she got her first board as a toddler. At the age of seven, she started competing in surf competitions and ever since, she has had the dream of becoming a professional surfer. On Halloween in 2003, Bethany and her best friend, another top surfer, Alana Blanchard, were soaking up the sun in Hawaii, when everything changed in a matter of seconds. Bethany and Alana were just paddling out in the waves, but when Bethany had her hand dangling off her board into the water, she felt a tug, and immediately was pulled off her board into the water. Everyone was anxious, that her career would be over. Bethany Hamilton never let the loss of her one arm, get in the way. Although Bethany had to make a few adjustments, she still never gave up on herself. With the determination to surf again, she stood back up on her board and caught a wave. She continued to surf and compete in competitions and was even at the Nationals Championship in 2005. Her dad even created a new surf board to help her duck dive, going under the waves to get out to sea. With the support of her fans and her family Bethany never gave up on herself and she won the United States National under eighteen surf Championships. 

Soul Surfer was a truly inspiring novel. The book was very straight forward, and it had minor words that I did not understand. I would highly recommend this book anyone; it will change your life forever. I read this book, and I loved it. Bethany’s novel inspired me to surf. I think anyone could read this book. I would recommend this book to people who like suspense and survival novels. Bethany added plenty of humorous parts to the novel. This book tells many morals, for instance, you should never give up on yourself because you do not know what will happen as the end result. Erica B.; Teen Reviewer

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