Monday, March 16, 2015

Of Mice and Men Book Review

Of Mice and Men

            John Steinbeck composed the fascinating novel, Of Mice and Men. The story is the tale about how two nomadic friends, George and Lennie, who are ranch hands,who arrived in California's Salinas Valley, during the Great Depression. Lennie has great physical strength, husky and tall, but has the intellectual capacity of a juvenile. George is the more astute of the two, but he still gets caught up in Lennie’s dream of owning his own farm. George and Lennie are itinerant from their last suspicious act up North. George and Lennie continuously work to try to achieve their goal of owning their own farm, for milking cows and raising puppies. They do whatever it takes to try to make their dream come true. Throughout their journey they meet Candy, an elderly man who lost his hand in a ranch accident. George tells Lennie about their dream of having a little farm where they can be their own boss and nobody can tell them what to do, where Lennie will tend their rabbits, and where they will "live off the fatta the lan'." Lennie has heard this story so often he can repeat it by heart. George emphasizes that this dream and their relationship make them different from other guys who don't have anyone or a place of their own. George and Lennie realize that toils of work, trying to “build their dream,” can lead to fate that will muddle heir best-laid plans.  The friendship and loyalty of George and Lennie transformed in the matter of hardships.

            The novel was interesting tale with an abrupt ending; I had copious troubles understanding the context. The book also had various uses of foul and degrading languages. Otherwise, the book was very interesting and it had plenty of good morals that were taught in it, such as friendship and the difference between right and wrong. I highly recommend this book to teenagers who are interested in fiction books with plot twists. I enjoyed this book because it was wrapped up short and nicely and had a twisted ending that shocked me. I suggest that you see the movie if you liked the book. Erica B.; Teen Reviewer

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