Monday, February 23, 2015

Stolen Book Review

Stolen by Lucy Christopher
                Gemma never imagined she would ever be kidnapped and taken to a desert in the middle of Australia. Let alone, by the familiar face, Ty. Ty just wants to protect her from making past mistakes occur all over again. He has been there through it all to see them, even when she had no idea he was around. He claims he will never hurt her and that she should trust him, but how can anyone take faith in their own kidnapper? Ty gives Gemma space to do her own thing and to become comfortable with the land he says she will be staying on for a long time. Gemma, although unintentionally, slowly starts to appreciate the land and, against all odds, starts to appreciate Ty. He has stolen her away from her home, her family, and her normal lifestyle, but will he also happen to steal her heart?

                Stolen by Lucy Christopher is written as a journal from the victim’s, Gemma, point of view. It draws readers in right from the start by using the word “you” to address her kidnapper, making the readers feel as if she is talking to them personally. From there, the plot flows very smooth so, the readers can understand what is happening quite easily. The author gives many details to help imagine the scenery and to help us feel the emotions that Gemma feels as she goes on with Ty. The book captures the appropriate reaction towards being taken and allows the readers to get inside the head of a victim of kidnapping, which catches the interest of teens right away. With a suspenseful plot and characters that make you feel strong emotions, Stolen is definitely worth having in the library’s collection and should be recommended to audiences of various ages, starting from high school. Cassie W.; Teen Reviewer