Monday, October 27, 2014

Boot Camp Book Review

Boot Camp
By Todd Strasser

Garret’s parents agree their son needs to change.  He is taken from his home in the middle of the night and sent to Lake Harmony, a boot camp for “troubled teens”.   While the camp goes to extremes to mold him into the perfect child his fellow inmates try to recruit him to attempt an escape plan.  As the camp slowly chips away his hope and dignity he realizes that the escape plan might be the only way out of the torturous camp life.  If the risky plan fails, the consequences could drastically change his life for the worse.

Boot Camp had an interesting plot, but the storytelling was rushed. The book described events that could occur, although, the author did over exaggerate certain topics in the book.   A boy would enjoy this book over a girl due to the high violence level. It was an easy book to read, however it requires a higher maturity level. Overall the book had an interesting story line but it could have had a slower pace. Emma B. Teen Reviewer