Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lord of the Flies Book Review

 Lord of the Flies by William Golding

 Lord of the flies by William Golding is a fictional novel about boys trying to survive on an island after the plane that they were on crashed. In the novel the boys are alone with no adults to keep them under control. In the novel by William Golding the boys have to run the island by themselves. Teenage boys running an island by themselves can lead to many problems and in the novel like expected it did. In the novel the boys struggle for power, all of the boys want to be in control of the island. One of the boys called Piggy finds a shell that the boys call a conch. The conch is very important and is used as a symbol of power and authority. Throughout the novel the boys fight, kill each other, struggle for power and hunt.
 The author’s style of writing was not hard to understand, but it was not easy to understand. The author of Lord of the flies wrote using details, but the writing was not too hard to understand. I actually really liked the author of the novels style of writing. I thought that the novel was very well written. I think it would be helpful for a teen to really get an idea of how hard it would be to live on an island with kids your age, with no adult and having to find food on your own, struggle for power, and also build shelters. These poor boys did not know when or if they ever would be rescued.  I thought that Lord of the flies by William Golding was a very good and interesting novel. I would recommend that every teen reads this novel because it really has a powerful message. I would give Lord of the flies by William Golding a rating of 5 stars out of 5 stars because I thought that it was a great novel.  Nicole S.; Teen Reviewer

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Catching Fire Book Review

Catching Fire
            Suzanne Collins has written the thrilling second novel of her trilogy, Catching Fire. Katniss has just left the arena as a victor along with Peeta after defying the Capital by holding out the poisoned berries. The Capital hates her for doing this and plans revenge on her, fearing that she might spark a rebellion. The Capital throws her and other previous victors back into the arena as an act of showing their power over their districts and that no one, even the victors,  can challenge their authority. Back in the arena, Katniss and Peeta make allies, Finnick, Mags, and Johanna, in order to survive the hostility of the other victors and try to make it out alive.   In the end, Katniss must find the will to survive and help her people.  

            Suzanne Collins wrote this book perfectly. It was very intriguing with action and humor and every word was easy to comprehend. This book would make more sense if you read the Hunger Games, her first novel of the trilogy. This book would appeal to any teen who likes adventure, survival and a little bit of romance. I also believe if you likeDivergent, or The Maze Runner you will also enjoy this trilogy.  Elizabeth B.; Teen Reviewer

Love, Rosie Book Review

Love, Rosie
            Cecelia Ahern has written the astounding novel entitled, Love, Rosie.  It describes the friendship and lives of Rosie and Alex.  Rosie and Alex have been best friends ever since they could remember, but both their lives will turn upside down.  First, Alex tells Rosie that his family is moving away from Dublin and to Boston.  Rosie is devastated, but they still keep their friendship strong, even though Alex has moved thousands of miles away.  Alex and Rosie were supposed to attend the Debs, a ball, together.  Things do not go as planned because Alex cannot make it back to Dublin to go with her.  Instead, Rosie has to find a last minute date, Brian the whine.  She does not talk to Alex for what she thinks is a week, but is really three.  Rosie then discovers that she is pregnant, and decides to keep the child because she vowed that she would never abandon her child.  Rosie and Alex always keep in touch with one another throughout the years, and people still try to tell them that they are perfect for each other.  Rosie and Alex each have to find creative ways to reach their dreams.  In the end, they will have to realize for themselves, if they were really meant to be together.

          Cecelia Ahern’s writing style is easy to understand and it is neither too wordy, nor too formal.  She writes the novel as if she were a teenager so it is easy for people to read.  This book would appeal to anyone who wants to laugh while reading, and to people who like a little romance in their novels.  Elizabeth B.; Teen Reviewer