Monday, February 10, 2014

Catherine Book Review

Catherine by April Lindner

April Lindner's second book is a modern retelling of Wuthering Heights, and is told in two points of view:

Catherine, and her daughter Chelsea, 20 years later.  Catherine just met Hence, the boy she's sure is the love

of her life.  He works as a janitor in her dad's nightclub, which is legendary among bands.  Her dad is okay

with the relationship, but her brother, Quentin is not.  He poses as the antagonist to their relationship,

although Hence also becomes this when he expects more of Cathy than she can give.  Told interchangeably

is Chelsea's story: she came to New York to find her mother, Cathy, after she discovers a letter hidden

from her from her father.  Once she comes to the nightclub that her mother once lived in, she meets Hence,

who now runs it.

This book is pretty interesting, and a much easier read than Wuthering Heights, because it's not written in the

olden English language.  The characters are all intricate, and there are many plot twists that seem obvious in

hindsight.  The only complaint is the older character of Hence--he is stoic and rude for a lot of the book,

only to come out of his shell once Chelsea mentions Catherine.  All in all, Catherine, is an interesting book

that lots of people would like.  Briana B.; Teen Reviewer

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