Monday, October 7, 2013

You Have Seven Messages Book Review

You Have Seven Messages by Stewart Lewis

Touching characters express their feelings in Stewart Lewis’s “You Have Seven Messages”. Fifteen year old Luna lost the one piece of her life that kept her living, her mother. Her suspicion stirs when she goes to her mother’s old studio and finds her phone. Luna’s eye catches the phone left with seven messages. Her suspicion teases her brain until she listens to the first message. After the first messages, Luna begins to wonder “Are these clues to the story of my mother’s death? Was what my father told me about her death all one big lie?” Each message brings her one step closer to the big truth… was it all one big lie?

             Stewart Lewis makes you stand on edge until the very the end, leading up to the big book of truths about Luna’s mother’s death. The emotion of Luna’s relationship between her father and mother weaves through to your heart. The maturity of Luna makes the story seem like it can go anywhere at any time. Each day of the story makes the anticipation grow and grow. The touching and heart-breaking story of the truth of Luna’s mom’s death will leave you in tears, wishing you could do something to make all the pain in Luna and her family all just fade away. The story will pull you in just making you want to figure out the big question on your own. The language in the book and way it was written would be recommended for older teens of a more mature level. Overall, this book will catch the eye of all teens with the thirst for mystery and betrayal.  Brooke W., Teen Reviewer

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