Thursday, May 2, 2013

Survive Book Review

Survive by Alex Morel 

A girl named Jane decided to visit her mother in New Jersey. She was able to visit her mother, because it was the holidays and the mental hospital which she lived in approved her to go. Jane didn’t want to see her mother, but she intended to kill herself with pills in the plane bathroom instead. When she was about to kill herself, the plane crashed onto a mountain. She then woke up and saw the plane destroyed with bodies and wreckages around the crashed plane. She then found a boy named Paul, who sat next to her on the plane. They then walk the mountain to reach the top, to see the bottom or some planes. When they reached the top they realized the blizzard covered everything. Since they were alone together, they started to have feelings for each other and Jane realized that she didn’t want to die. They then walk and crawl for days, until Jane found a secret book Paul was hiding. When Paul disappeared to look for something, Jane decided to read the book. She then realized it was a note for Paul from his dead brother. Paul then found out that Jane read the book and was angry at her. While they were walking Paul fell off a cliff with some broken bones. They then decided to go down a little further down the mountain, until Paul told Jane that he couldn’t go anymore.  Paul knew he would slow them down and he also knew he would die soon. Then, Jane finally left Paul in a cave and walked down the mountain. She then jumped off a cliff in order to go down the mountain. She woke up and saw that something manmade was ahead of her; she then walked a few more and passed out. 6 months later Jane realized a man saw her on the road and saved her. She dealt with many visitors and reporters from how she survived the crash. Finally, Jane received a mail from Paul’s dad which had Paul’s book. Paul had written to Jane to survive and live for him right before he died.
            The book Survive is by Alex Morel which was written in 1st person and the authors writing style was easy to understand. This book would be interested for teens any age. Also, this book would be interested in for teens who love adventure, survival, and suspense.  Janine K.; Teen Reviewer