Monday, April 15, 2013

I Am Number Four Book Review

  I AM NUMBER FOUR by Pittacus Lore

 I AM NUMBER FOUR is the kind of book that an avid reader would pick up and not put down until the very moment they were done, from start to end. John Smith is evidently Number Four. (Though it's only one of many identities he has had, the name stuck.)  And he is in trouble. John is one of nine aliens that come from the planet Lorien. After the other aliens from a panicked, crumbling, planet Mogadore invade and destroy John's home planet, the Elders of Lorien transfer their powers to the last nine Garde. The Garde and their Cêpans all spread out to different locations on Earth to start training for the future. The Mogadorians are the enemy, and they seek to finally get rid of and destroy the last of the Lore's race, then, they wish to invade Earth. The members of the Garde are protected by a charm placed on them, that as long as they stay apart, they have to be killed in order. Numbers One, Two, and Three are dead. And a problem of his? He is Number Four. He is next. In this first installment of the I AM NUMBER FOUR series, John has found an unlikely home in Paradise, Ohio. Johns' Cêpan Henri and himself's strategy of staying in the shadows, not being noticed, and blending in, is what they live by. Johns' Legacies (gifts/ powers) have started to arrive.  By then end of the book John Smith is dating a popular girl, is best friends with an alien-conspiracy maniac, has found a new companion in a dog, and has also found a member of his brethren. After encounters with a football jock/ bully, close-calls with Mogadorians and also the police, the explosion of his current high school, and the death of Henri.....well, let's just say that he's fed up. And he wants revenge. John is ready to start the end of this battle with the enemy.

 Pittacus Lore's writing style is fluent, easy to understand, and fast paced. The details are plentiful, the descriptions exact, and the plot is very impressive. In this book, you'll never find a dull chapter and you'll be engrossed with it the moment you open it. I think it's important that future readers know that this book contains a sweet romance (that many people will probably enjoy), lots of action, and strong friendships. I recommend I AM NUMBER FOUR to teenagers ages 13 and up, girls and boys. And I guarantee that this book will even appeal to people who are very choosy about books.  Cristina I. Teen Reviewer