Monday, November 18, 2013

The Fault in Our Stars Book Review

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

In this heartwarming but also heartbreaking novel by John Green, Hazel is a sixteen year old girl who has been battling cancer for many years. Her parents force her to go to a cancer support group held by the church. When Hazel first goes there, her eyes lock with another cancer patient named Augustus (Gus).  They automatically have some sort of connection. Hazel and Gus start to hangout a lot together and without meaning to, they fall in love.  This novel will leave tears in your eyes as you hopelessly fall in love with the love connection between Hazel and Gus.

In The fault in our Stars, John Green does an amazing job with fully describing each character. He makes you feel that you know each one personally and know their whole life story. Green does a great job describing each moment and how each character felt in that exact moment. He truly makes you fall in love with each character and all there imperfections. I personally could not put this book down, John Green hooked me on the first page and I was fully engaged since. The love connection between Hazel and Gus is bittersweet and heartening. The ending of the novel was a huge shock you had no idea what was coming. This book would most appeal to teens from fifteen and on.  For any teen that is in need of a great love story between two cancer patients but with a twist of heartbreak at the end, I totally recommend this novel by John Green.  Ally M., Teen Reviewer

Friday, October 11, 2013

Invasion Book Review

By Jon S. Lewis
The book Invasion by Jon S. Lewis is an exciting book. It is about a boy named Colt and his two friends Oz and Danielle trying to save the world from a major organization called Trident which are basically alien species called the Thule who are trying to take over the planet.  It first starts off with Colt going to a CHAOS agency and there it will be determined that he will be a recruit. He is having the summer of his life and then all of a sudden both his parents die for what they thought was a tragic accident. He then moves with his grandpa and later discovers that his parent’s death was planned. His mother finds out that Trident Industries have been mind controlling people and she was then killed with her husband trying to report this. After a series of events Colt destroys the Industry and then is accepted into CHAOS agency and then has to prepare for an alien invasion.

This book is a very good book. It is an action adventure, mystery, and a little bit of romance, as well as sci-fi. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in sci-fi or mystery.  Haris A.; Teen Reviewer

Dark Parties Book Review

Dark Parties by Sarah Grant

Dark Parties by Sarah Grant tells a story about 16 year old Neva living in a dystopian world. She has lived in the homeland guarded by the Protectosphere her whole life. People go missing each day and history disappears day by day. She keeps a notebook filled with all the people who have magically disappeared including her Grandma. Neva and her friends plan “dark parties” to revolt about the government in underground rebellions. Neva finds horrifying truths about the missing and becomes curious to find out about what is behind the Protectosphere. With the government secretly watching her every move, she begins to fear for the secrecy of the rebellions. She becomes distant with her friends especially the love of her life and her best friend. As everything keeps gaining on her, she must find a way to find the missing.

                As Sarah Grants, debut novel, it was very well written and compared a girl living in a dystopia with a regular average day girl. The novel included romance, mystery as well as a suspenseful plot twist. It can relate to teen girls who true hard workers are trying to change the world for the better. This novel will keep your eyes glued for more. Recommended for anyone seeking slight mystery.  Hira A.; Teen Reviewer

Perks of Being a Wallflower Book Review

The Perks of Being a Wallflower  By: Stephen Chbosky
The Perks of being a Wallflower is the story of Charlie, who loses his friend much too sudden. He feels lonely and left out in the world, where he feels he has nobody to turn to. That is until he introduces himself to a boy in his woodshop class, named Patrick. After, the boy introduces his friend to Charlie, named Sam. They all immediately hit it off. When he finally has met some friends, a huge weight is picked up off his shoulders. He is invited to exclusive parties and is accepted into the popular crowd, which takes his friend’s tragic death off of his mind. Writing letters to an unknown person (unknown to readers), Charlie expresses all the ups and downs, good and bad about his high school life and the drama between him and his new friends.  

I think this book would be mostly suitable for 13+ or mature preteens (since there are a few explicit scenes in the story). This book would be perfect for teens with a liking for books with a little excitement and adventure. The author of this book, Stephen Chbosky, made this book willing to read. The book was very easy flowing, yet some words were a little difficult to understand (Although, using context clues made it easier to understand). I think this book is appropriate for a higher grade in middle school-high school student preference. In conclusion, this book is absolutely worthy of being included in the Connetquot Library Teen Collection.  Justine D.; Teen Reviewer

Monday, October 7, 2013

You Have Seven Messages Book Review

You Have Seven Messages by Stewart Lewis

Touching characters express their feelings in Stewart Lewis’s “You Have Seven Messages”. Fifteen year old Luna lost the one piece of her life that kept her living, her mother. Her suspicion stirs when she goes to her mother’s old studio and finds her phone. Luna’s eye catches the phone left with seven messages. Her suspicion teases her brain until she listens to the first message. After the first messages, Luna begins to wonder “Are these clues to the story of my mother’s death? Was what my father told me about her death all one big lie?” Each message brings her one step closer to the big truth… was it all one big lie?

             Stewart Lewis makes you stand on edge until the very the end, leading up to the big book of truths about Luna’s mother’s death. The emotion of Luna’s relationship between her father and mother weaves through to your heart. The maturity of Luna makes the story seem like it can go anywhere at any time. Each day of the story makes the anticipation grow and grow. The touching and heart-breaking story of the truth of Luna’s mom’s death will leave you in tears, wishing you could do something to make all the pain in Luna and her family all just fade away. The story will pull you in just making you want to figure out the big question on your own. The language in the book and way it was written would be recommended for older teens of a more mature level. Overall, this book will catch the eye of all teens with the thirst for mystery and betrayal.  Brooke W., Teen Reviewer

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Looking For Alaska Book Review

Looking For Alaska by John Green

                In this wild and senseless novel by John Green, Miles decides to go off into the real world and go to boarding school. His new roommate and him become best of friends, and he is love struck when he meets this crazy, outgoing girl Alaska. He has hopelessly fallen in love her and when he finally thinks they have a have chance together, suddenly, one night she passes away. After grieving her death, they needed to find closure so they go out and try to find out everything that happened that night. This novel is shocking and will wanting you to keep on reading.

                In Looking for Alaska, the author does a great job of getting you into each characters life. You really feel like you know them when you are done reading the book. He captures every moment so well, with all the details he provides and the descriptions. After every chapter you want to read more. I personally could not put the book down. The love Miles has for Alaska is so sweet and endearing. John Green makes you fall in love with the characters and every emotion they feel you feel. Leading up to Alaska’s death I was actually scared and worried for her. This book is most appropriate to teens in high school. Teens that like books with a messed up love story and some suspense and drama will need to pick up this book. It is one of John Green’s best worksAlly M., Teen Reviewer

Monday, September 9, 2013

Shatter Me Book Review

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
                Most of the population likes to have some sort of thrill while reading a book.  I can say that there a quite a few in Tahereh Mafi’s, Shatter Me.  The main character, Juliette Ferrars, has an unusual power.  Her touch is poisonous; causing almost everyone she touches pain and agony.  She also has this super strength that accommodates her poisonous touch.  I say almost because there are few that are immune to her poisonous touch, for example, Adam Kent.  Adam is sent into Juliette’s cell in the asylum to examine her.  He is a soldier for the Reestablishment, and more importantly for a man named Warner.  The reason Adam was sent into her cell is because he knew Juliette.  Juliette and Adam went to school together before a certain incident happened.  There, they grew hidden feelings for each other; even though they didn’t talk to each other.  Warner was fascinated with Juliette.  He soon found he too was immune to her touch.  Adam and Juliette ran away in order to protect her from Warner’s power and corruption.  Their love for each other seemed to become helpful in their escape.

I believe this book is fantastic.  I love the author repeats words and sometimes crosses things out in the book.  Throughout the book I felt the familiar of “what’s going to happen next.”  This book would appeal to female audiences more than it would appeal to the male.  This book is definitely full of thrills, and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.  Kiyahana S., Teen Reveiwer.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Sky is Everywhere Book Review

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
                The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson is an emotional and honest story of a girl, Lennie Walker, coming to terms with her older sister’s sudden death. The story follows Lennie from the stages of grief and sadness to the possibility of happiness in her life again. Lennie finds solace in her sister’s boyfriend, Toby, who shares her burden with her. But, she is intrigued and relieved by the new boy in town, Joe, who shares her love of music. Lennie’s journey is not an easy one, it is filled with ups and downs, but her narration is honest and true throughout it all.
                Nelson writes in a style that flows smoothly and is a pleasure to read. The book is interspersed with poems that Lennie wrote. These poems are poignant, insightful, and beautiful, although usually somber and sad. These poems fit nicely into the frame of the story, and adds depth to the story as well. Nelson’s fluid style keeps the reader captivated, and makes it almost impossible to put the book down.
                Readers who are interested in music may enjoy this novel because music is an integral part of Lennie’s journey. Nelson portrays music in a way that anyone can understand, but only musicians can truly connect to. This aspect of music, and the meaning and impact of music adds another dimension to the novel, and makes Lennie’s story more relatable and more meaningful. Dwiju H.; Teen Reviewer

Anna and the French Kiss Book Review

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
                Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins is an incredible tale about a girl forcibly sent to a boarding school in France for her Senior Year of High School. At the American School of Paris she learns that there’s a lot more meaning to life than she had previously imagined back home in Atlanta. Although homesick at first, Anna explores Paris with her new friends, and finds she likes Paris more than she thought she would. This may possibly be because of Etienne St. Clair, a boy that is strictly off limits, but who may like Anna too. But, there is a lot standing in the way of any possible relationship with him.
                The author, Perkins, is able to tell Anna’s story with language that is easy to understand, and reflects how many teenagers truly speak. It is casual and comfortable to read. The story is well told and captivating, keeping the reader interested in the storyline. The story is not predictable, making it more interesting for the reader.
                Teens who are interested in boarding schools or studying abroad may find this book especially interesting because Anna visits many historical sites in Paris and gives an honest description of what it is like to live in a boarding school. Also, high school students may be more interested in the book because Anna is a high school senior applying to college, which is relatable and relevant to high school students. However, this is a book that can appeal to almost anyone, with its captivating storyline. Dwiju H.; Teen Reviewer

Friday, May 3, 2013

Perks of Being a Wallflower Book Review

Perks of Being a Wallflower

            Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky is a book that most teenagers can relate to.  This book dealt with a group of teenagers with different personalities who were all friends with things they have in common, but each special in their own way.  You are introduced to the protagonist whose name is Charlie. Charlie has a hard time fitting in in school, he has recently lost his best friend Mike and to top it off he also has anxiety. He feels as if his family doesn’t understand him and how different he is and the only person who did which was his aunt Helen has passed away from a car accident. In high school Charlie meets his two best friends. They are step siblings and both seniors. Patrick and Sam show Charlie the real world and how to enjoy life to the fullest. They get Charlie into doing various types of drugs and Charlie is soon enough an addict to smoking cigarettes. These two people in a way have helped Charlie open up and grow up. There is another person in Charlie’s life that helped show him how special he is. Charlie’s freshman English teacher named Bill. He asks Charlie to read difficult books and write essays on them to show Charlie how special and talented he is. Throughout the whole book Charlie writes anonymous letters to someone telling them of what has happened throughout his freshman year. At the end of the book Charlie has landed in the hospital due to a traumatic secret. Patrick and Sam and along with all of his friends graduate that year and Charlie is once again left alone and faces the problem of being isolated.
            Stephen Chbosky does a fabulous job writing this book. He makes the whole book in letter form which makes it really easy to follow and understand what’s going on in the book. He also doesn’t use that much sophisticated language so even the average teenager isn’t confused about anything. The book flows very nicely because of the way it’s written and the letters are in chronological order.  As said before this book is very helpful to those teenagers in high school who could relate to any of the characters in this book. In every high school there is a person who feels isolated, does drugs, feels like they don’t belong, and the popular one and so on and this book has one of each person. This book was also turned into a movie which I haven’t seen yet but I hope it’s as great as the book. This book has wanting me to read more books by the author and hopefully find another book that I love so much. I would defiantly recommend this book to teenagers especially those who are sixteen to eighteen. I would also recommend this book to young adults due to maybe something they went through when they were younger and know that they weren’t the only ones. The book is defiantly worth having in the library collection because of how popular it is amongst teens and the effect it has on you after reading it. It makes you feel like you were a part of Charlie’s experience even if you don’t do the same things he does. Crystal G.; Teen Reviewer

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Survive Book Review

Survive by Alex Morel 

A girl named Jane decided to visit her mother in New Jersey. She was able to visit her mother, because it was the holidays and the mental hospital which she lived in approved her to go. Jane didn’t want to see her mother, but she intended to kill herself with pills in the plane bathroom instead. When she was about to kill herself, the plane crashed onto a mountain. She then woke up and saw the plane destroyed with bodies and wreckages around the crashed plane. She then found a boy named Paul, who sat next to her on the plane. They then walk the mountain to reach the top, to see the bottom or some planes. When they reached the top they realized the blizzard covered everything. Since they were alone together, they started to have feelings for each other and Jane realized that she didn’t want to die. They then walk and crawl for days, until Jane found a secret book Paul was hiding. When Paul disappeared to look for something, Jane decided to read the book. She then realized it was a note for Paul from his dead brother. Paul then found out that Jane read the book and was angry at her. While they were walking Paul fell off a cliff with some broken bones. They then decided to go down a little further down the mountain, until Paul told Jane that he couldn’t go anymore.  Paul knew he would slow them down and he also knew he would die soon. Then, Jane finally left Paul in a cave and walked down the mountain. She then jumped off a cliff in order to go down the mountain. She woke up and saw that something manmade was ahead of her; she then walked a few more and passed out. 6 months later Jane realized a man saw her on the road and saved her. She dealt with many visitors and reporters from how she survived the crash. Finally, Jane received a mail from Paul’s dad which had Paul’s book. Paul had written to Jane to survive and live for him right before he died.
            The book Survive is by Alex Morel which was written in 1st person and the authors writing style was easy to understand. This book would be interested for teens any age. Also, this book would be interested in for teens who love adventure, survival, and suspense.  Janine K.; Teen Reviewer

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Running Dream Book Review

The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen

The story is about a girl named Jessica Carlisle. She is in the hospital because when she was on a bus ride coming home from an away track meet she lost her leg. A guy driving a pickup truck smashed into the bus and Jessica’s leg was crushed. She had to go to the hospital to have her leg amputated from below her knee down. She thought that it was the end of her ever being able to run again. Everyone felt extremely bad for Jessica because she was a great runner. Every time she saw someone running she felt upset because she thought that her dreams of running were over.
            After a week and a half of being in the hospital recovering, Jessica finally returned to school. Her best friend Fiona pushed her in her wheelchair. When they arrived at school, there was a huge banner that said welcome back Jessica in bold letters. This made her feel a lot better that everyone cared about her. When she want to her classes, her teachers went a bit easier on her since it was her first day back since the accident. At lunch she went to visit her coach in his room and when she got there everyone from the track team jumped up and yelled, “SURPRISE!” She was so excited to see everyone again and ate lunch in the room with them.
            Jessica went to the doctor’s office to see when she would get her fake leg. The doctor told her everything that she needed to know and how to also take care of her leg, and also that she would get her fake one in a few months. When she went to lunch the next day, she visited her track coach again. He showed her an amazing video of Oscar Pistorios and his running leg, and told her that the track team was going to raise 20,000 dollars to get her one. They were going to raise the money by having bake sales and car washes. Jessica was filled with joy when she heard the news and she for once told herself that she would be able to run again. When she visited the doctor’s office again, she got a training leg to prepare her for the real one and also to teach her how to walk again. A week later, Jessica helped her teammates with the bake sale and the car washes and held up a sign that said help me run again.
            Jessica went to one of the toughest track meets to support her teammates. She cheered everyone on and was the loudest person in the audience. A news reporter showed up and interviewed Jessica about her remarkable story. Jessica watched herself on TV when she got home and was really excited. Jessica was also so proud of her teammates when they won the track meet overall. When she went to the doctor’s again, she found out that she was getting her new leg soon. She was so excited and couldn’t wait. When she visited her coach at lunch again, she saw a shiny new running leg on the table. She could not believe that they actually raised enough money to get one for her. She thanked all of her teammates for all that they did for her and the biggest thanks went to her coach. Jessica is going to be able to run again thanks to her teammates and her coach and she couldn’t be any happier.
            When Jessica got her new leg she started to walk on it and also used her running leg to take jogs every morning. One day when she was jogging, Gavin a cute boy that she had a crush on asked her out and she said yes! She was so excited to finally go out with him. Later on Jessica asked her friend Rosa if she would do a ten-mile race with her. Since Rosa is in a wheelchair, Jessica would have to push her all the way through. When it was the day of the race, everyone cheered on Jessica and Rosa. When they finished, Jessica’s legs felt like jelly. She was so tired but happy to finally finish the race. She never gave up hope and for Jessica; this was her new starting line.
The authors writing style was pretty much easy to read and understand. I understood all of the book and the point the author was trying to get across. Teens need to know that the author, Wendelin Van Draanen has many hobbies including the three R’s, reading, running and rock ‘n’ roll. She also used to be a classroom teacher. I would recommend this book to people who like emotional stories and also to people who like books about hope. You really have to get the moral of the story to understand what the book is really about. You also have to understand what the people in the book like Jessica are going through.  Marina D., Teen Reviewer

Friday, April 19, 2013

Welcome Caller, This is Chloe Book Review

Welcome Caller, This Is Chloe by Shelley Coriell

Imagine losing all your friends and being thrust into a community service project, right in the middle of your junior year.  That’s what Chloe Camden had to go through coming back from winter break.  While she was once a queen, now she is only a peasant in the grand kingdom of high school.  Forced to work with a group of misfits on the school’s struggling radio show, can Chloe achieve her status of royalty once again, or will she forever remain in the lower class?

                Overall, I thought this was a pretty good book.  The author’s writing style was fantastic, and perfectly represented that of a teenaged girl’s point of view.  I felt that this book had a unique topic, and I have not read anything like this before.  Readers in middle or high school could genuinely relate to Chloe along with her struggles and her bright times.  This title is definitely worthy of being a selection in this library.  Abigail S., Teen Reviewer

Keeping Corner Book Review

Keeping Corner Review by Kashmira Sheth
            In 1918, a twelve year old girl named Leela, lives in a rural village India.  At age nine, she is married and ready to move into her husband’s house.  Unfortunately he is killed by a rattlesnake. Since she has been widowed, she is not allowed to marry ever again according to the Indian caste system. Widowed, Leela is forced to live alone for a full year also known as ‘living dead”.  Forced to have here head shaved and wear ragged clothing, Leela is left with nothing. Fortunately, her brother Kanubhai convinces their family to have a tutor come to Leela while she is living all alone. Saviben, Leela’s tutor, goes to the house every few days. She helps Leela’a progress academically. She also encourages her to read the newspaper and observe the things around her and write all about them. With the help and support of her brother and tutor, Leela, she makes good out of her ’living dead”, and becomes a great student when she fulfills her year in “living dead”.  Leela has now been able to reason with her father to take exams that can provide her with the opportunity to advance her education to farther places.  If she passes these exams she will be able to escape the mandates of India’s centuries-old caste system and pursue an actual and real career for herself.
            It was an alright book to me. I did have a hard time understanding the Indian terms that the author used. It’s a difficult read. I re-read the first couple of chapters at least 3 times to fully understand it. It should be read slowly so you can actually understand it. I recommend this book to teens who like historical novels and/or inspirational books. John K., Teen Reviewer

Mockingjay Book Review

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay is book three of the Hunger Games series. It is about a war for freedom from the Capitol. The main character of the book is Katniss Everdeen.  She already survived two Hunger Games, a game when all twelve districts send in one boy and girl from ages twelve to eighteen to fight for survival until there is one player left. There have been 75 games so far. Katniss’s goal in this book is to kill the president of the Capitol, President Snow. She’s seeking revenge for what he’s done to the twelve districts and her family. Katniss finds out that the thirteenth district still exists and joins them to challenge the Capitol. Peeta is recovered from the Capitol, but he is brainwashed to do the capitols bidding. After seeing what the Capitol did to Peeta, she agrees to become a symbol of hope for the rebels, the mockingjay.

            In my opinion, it was a good book. The author used very descriptive words and I was sort of able to understand it. I think the book speeds too fast in time at the end of the story. In some parts of the book, some her descriptions were hard to understand. This book wasn’t my favorite book of the series, but it was still good to read. I felt that she could have had a better ending. I recommend this for teens and adults, they might also want a different ending as well to the series. Matthew P., Teen Reviewer

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Book Review

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince By: J.K. Rowling

            This book is about a 16 year old boy named Harry Potter and his friends Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, and Neville Longbottom going into their 6th year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Lord Voldemort has risen, and is at war with the Ministry of Magic. In this book, Albus Dumbledore and Harry try to collect the remaining pieces of Voldemort’s soul.  Dumbledore is also trying to prepare Harry for the greatest battle in all of Wizard history, overcoming Voldemort.   Harry is also keeping a close eye on Draco Malfoy, who has been acting odd lately.  Harry got a potions book which had notes by “The Half Blood Prince.”   Hermione wants to find out, who is this half-blood prince?

            This book has lots of words, I found it a little hard and boring to understand the beginning, but it got easier to understand as I read on.  The author used mystery to keep you in suspense and to keep you amazed about all the magic in the book.  I found the end of the book to be the most exciting.  It has an exciting twist!  This book would be good for ages 10 and up because it involves lots of magic, adventure, and mystery.  I would recommend this book to my friends. Michael P. Teen Reviewer

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tenth Grade Bleeds Book Review

 Tenth Grade Bleeds by Heather Brewer
The supernatural novel, Tenth Grade Bleeds, by Heather Brewer is a “fang”-tastic story full of gore and thrills. Sixteen year old vampire, Vladimir Tod, along with girlfriend, Meredith, and best friend, Henry, attend Bathory High School. Further into the year Vladimir has a hard time resisting feeding on the ones he loves and cares about. Henry and Vladimir also get into a fight and about girls and Henry tells Vladimir that he doesn’t want to be his drudge anymore. A drudge is the first human that a vampire bites and that person becomes their slave. Vladimir also has haunting nightmares almost every night, showing his mortal vampire enemy, D’Ablo torturing his vampire uncle, Otis and D’Ablo is also after Vladimir to get Vladimir’s, father’s book and perform a ritual that could potentially steal Vladimir’s powers as a vampire forever. Vladimir goes to a gothic club and meets a girl named Snow; later on when they were outside, he bit her and didn’t tell anyone, not even his uncle. Vladimir and Henry go after D’Ablo to save Vladimir’s uncle, Otis, and a bloody battle occurs. Vladimir, Henry, Otis, and D’Ablo all get badly injured but they all end up surviving in the end. Days later, Vladimir meets with his girlfriend, Meredith, at a carnival and he lies to her by telling her that he never loved her and pushes her to the ground. He knew that he would be keeping her safe if he stayed away from her for a while. He goes and apologizes to Snow for when he drank her blood and she forgave him. She told him that he can drink her blood whenever he wants to, and Vladimir couldn’t resist biting her.
 In my opinion the author writing style was fairly easy to understand. It was definitely on the easier side of books I read but it was definitely interesting to read and I thouroughly enjoyed it. I would recommend this book to people who have interests in fantasy and supernatural books. Hey would really enjoy this book more than people who aren’t interested in supernatural books. Teens should know that The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod is a five book series and that Heather Brewer, the author of the book believes that it is quite possible that vampires are running our government. She also doesn’t believe in happy endings… unless they involve blood. Marina D., Teen Reviewer

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Daughters Book Review

The Daughters by Joanna Philbin 
       Fourteen year old Lizzie Summers is the only daughter of the famous, gorgeous supermodel Katia Summers.  Lizzie has always felt in the shadow of her mother. For one thing, she looks nothing like her. Her hair is red and frizzy, she has thick eyebrows, very large eyes, and a long, meandering nose. Having a supermodel for a mother doesn’t help either. The paparazzi are always trying to take pictures of Katia. When this happens, Lizzie would stay in the background and try to go unnoticed through the crowds, which was very easy for her. Lizzie always considered herself weird-looking, however, when a fashion photographer believes that Lizzie is the “new face of beauty” and offers to take photos of her, things change significantly. Lizzie has never dreamed that she would model like her mother, or be any good at it either, but after trying it a few times with the fashion photographer, she feels exhilarated and different at the same time. Having her best friends, Hudson and Carina, supporting her, they add to the exhilaration. She learns that it doesn’t matter what people think about her, not even her mother, but what she thinks of herself. Although she faces other obstacles throughout the novel, the main message is that Lizzie finally starts to accept who she is and gains self-esteem that she never had.
       Joanna Philbin’s style of writing is easy to understand and very modern. She includes some common problems that everyone undergoes at some point or another in the novel. This book is great for teens in middle school and in high school. I believe that many girls can relate to what the main character, Lizzie, is going through. You will understand how important friendship is and learn an important life lesson. You should be proud of who you are, no matter what you look like.  Priscilla D. Teen Reviewer

Monday, April 15, 2013

I Am Number Four Book Review

  I AM NUMBER FOUR by Pittacus Lore

 I AM NUMBER FOUR is the kind of book that an avid reader would pick up and not put down until the very moment they were done, from start to end. John Smith is evidently Number Four. (Though it's only one of many identities he has had, the name stuck.)  And he is in trouble. John is one of nine aliens that come from the planet Lorien. After the other aliens from a panicked, crumbling, planet Mogadore invade and destroy John's home planet, the Elders of Lorien transfer their powers to the last nine Garde. The Garde and their Cêpans all spread out to different locations on Earth to start training for the future. The Mogadorians are the enemy, and they seek to finally get rid of and destroy the last of the Lore's race, then, they wish to invade Earth. The members of the Garde are protected by a charm placed on them, that as long as they stay apart, they have to be killed in order. Numbers One, Two, and Three are dead. And a problem of his? He is Number Four. He is next. In this first installment of the I AM NUMBER FOUR series, John has found an unlikely home in Paradise, Ohio. Johns' Cêpan Henri and himself's strategy of staying in the shadows, not being noticed, and blending in, is what they live by. Johns' Legacies (gifts/ powers) have started to arrive.  By then end of the book John Smith is dating a popular girl, is best friends with an alien-conspiracy maniac, has found a new companion in a dog, and has also found a member of his brethren. After encounters with a football jock/ bully, close-calls with Mogadorians and also the police, the explosion of his current high school, and the death of Henri.....well, let's just say that he's fed up. And he wants revenge. John is ready to start the end of this battle with the enemy.

 Pittacus Lore's writing style is fluent, easy to understand, and fast paced. The details are plentiful, the descriptions exact, and the plot is very impressive. In this book, you'll never find a dull chapter and you'll be engrossed with it the moment you open it. I think it's important that future readers know that this book contains a sweet romance (that many people will probably enjoy), lots of action, and strong friendships. I recommend I AM NUMBER FOUR to teenagers ages 13 and up, girls and boys. And I guarantee that this book will even appeal to people who are very choosy about books.  Cristina I. Teen Reviewer