Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Fated Book Review

By Alyson Noel

Weird things are happening to Daire Santos. She started having visions. People stalk her, time suddenly stops, crows mock her and a handsome boy haunts her dreams. Daire sometimes dreams of kissing a boy with blue eyes in a clearing. At times, she will see scary scenes and people around her, but it is not until she has a terrifying vision while out with a Hollywood hottie and attacks him to get away that others learn about her new ability. Scared for her daughter sanity, Daire’s mom sends her to live with her grandmother who knows about this stuff. Her mother, Jennika, is a Hollywood makeup artist, and Daire’s life so far has been spent traveling around the world, going to Internet school, and having brief relationships with famous actors. Soon her heritage and powers emerge, and she must grow up quickly to face and fight evil in this layered beginning of a unique series.

 Overall, I did enjoy this book and the characters in it. However, I do not see myself picking up the next book. I did like what I was reading, but I am not compelled to look into the life of Daire anymore. I will read reviews of future books and see how it is received and might give it a try depending on what others say. If you read Alyson’s Immortals series and liked it, then odds are you will like Fated as well. I would read a couple of chapters see what you think and decide from there. Or check around and see what others think as well. Alyson is a good writer and has developed a very interesting mythology for this book, but I am just not wowed by the overall storyline. Leslie L.; Teen Reviewer

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