Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Remedy Book Review

The Remedy by Suzanne Young
Quinlan is a closer, she has been since she was seven years old. She is responsible to provide closure to any grieving family that has lost a teenage daughter. How Quinn does this is that she can become anyone. She has been recommended by grief counselors and is hired by families to take the temporary role of a dead loved one. She isn’t EXACTLY the same but she wears their same clothes, same hairstyle, and accent and studies them through videos and pictures of them. She can then act like them, behave like them but to do her job successfully, she can’t get attached to anyone. Now that Quinn is 17 she doesn’t know who exactly she is, she confuses her own past to someone she depicts.

I liked Quinn in this story, she had a really tough job though and her father pushed her so hard all the time. The way she was thrust into the homes of people and expected to make them feel better did not sound like the easiest or least stressful of jobs! I do, however, appreciate what she does for these grieving families. This book was a unique and well thought out book. Suzanne Young once again managed to come up with something imaginative and so well written that the words seemed to flow off the page and sweep you up in their warm current and carry you away. Literally when I got the book, I couldn’t stop reading it, this book is a real page turner and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone! Leslie L.; Teen Reviewer

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