Monday, November 28, 2016

Lexa Pro's and Cons Book Review

Lexa Pro’s and Cons by Aaron Karo

The book Lexapro’s and Cons by Aaron Karo is about a boy named Chuck who has a best friend named Steve. Chuck is seventeen years old and he has OCD. Chuck has a mom, dad and sister named Beth. Chuck’s real name is Charle’s Taylor and People Call him Chuck because Chuck Taylor was a famous player in the 1920s.Chuck likes to think he is a famous person .Chuck wanted new shoes for $45 and replace them with the old ones. Chuck’s mom was thrilled he wanted them. They got every color available and Chuck had a mountain full of shoes in his closet. Every day he would where a different color for different moods. Steve did not want to know what chuck was doing and Chuck would not tell anyone about his emotion code. Chuck had a girlfriend named Amy and they went to the library every once in a week so Chuck could tutor her for calc. One day Amy brought cupcakes and they were decorated with math problems. When Chuck saw it he licked every single frosting off which left to show Amy that he had OCD. They Amy was upset but when prom came around Chuck asked her out and it was a happy ending.

 The authors writing style was easy to understand. I really like the way the book was written in. The main idea was very clear so it was very easy to understand.  I would recommend this book to my friends or to someone who is looking forward in to reading a really good book. Overall it was a great book. Mirza M.; Teen Reviewer . . . 

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