Monday, March 16, 2015

The Maze Runner Book Review

The Maze Runner

            James Dashner wrote The Maze Runner, one of three books from the trilogy. This is the story of a sixteen year old boy, Thomas, who finds himself in a mysterious camp, known as the Glade, with other boys known as the Gladers. Here, they have all had their memories erased, but Thomas remembers just a little too much, he remembers his name. Thomas finds out from the Gladers that the camp he is in is a camp that is surrounded with trapped walls, which in one wall there is a trapped door leading to an elaborate maze. Thomas wanted to be the runner, the boy who plots out the map of the maze and saves people who are trapped inside the walls with the Grievers, electronic robot animals that sting the Gladers and cause you to have memories, which no doubt, will make you insane. Some of the Gladers agree that staying in the cold, cruel place is better than going back to where they came from. In this made up society, the Gladers still have jobs such as butchering their own meat and farming. Thomas wanted to be the runner, the leader of the army that the Gladers have always needed. The Gladers needed an army to fight against the monsters, or the Grievers, and the people who created the maze and put them in the cruel isolated world. The Gladers face many problems trying to overcome the course of the outside world.

            The Maze Runner was an easy book to comprehend, and let’s just say I don’t typically like to read but I flew through this book. The book is a little violent and gory for younger readers, but I would highly recommend this book to teenagers in high school. If you loved this book I would recommend that you see the movie that goes along with the book. The movie makes the book come alive. I would recommend that you also read The Hunger Games that is similar to The Maze RunnerErica B.; Teen Reviewer

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