Monday, July 21, 2014

The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire Book Review

The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire
Cassandra Clare has done it again! She has now written the final novel in The Mortal Instruments series, entitled City of Heavenly Fire.  In this spellbinding novel all of Clary’s friends, Jace, Simon, Izzy, and Alec, go on a crazy adventure, in order to save the mundane world and the Shadowhunter race.  Sebastion, Clary’s older brother, has made dark shadowhunters and created an army to rule the world.  Clary, Jace, and their friends have to find Sebastion and stop him and the Seelie Queen and Court.  Together, Clary, Jace, Izzy, and Alec, go to infinite lengths to destroy Sebastion.  They travel to untold places, where anyone who ventures there does not return. Simon will sacrifice everything and anything to save his friends and his girlfriend, Izzy.  In the end, it will be Clary’s choice if she will hail to master Sebastion.
Cassandra Clare writes using language and words that are easily understood.  She grabs you in with every word, sentence, and chapter.  She leaves you wanting more and more.  If you read The Infernal Devices series, before The Mortal Instruments, some characters, like Tessa Gray, and parts will make more sense.  This novel would appeal to anyone who likes fantasy, adventure, and some romance.  I believe that anyone who likes The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Maze Runner series, will definitely like The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire.  I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure with angels and demons. Elizabeth B.; Teen Reviewer


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