Monday, July 21, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars Book Review

 The Fault in Our Stars By John Green

The realistic fiction novel The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a novel about two teens and their love story while battling with a life threatening disease called cancer. The two main characters named Hazel and Gus meet at a support group in which they meet each other and eventually fall in love with each other. Throughout the novel Hazel and Gus grow closer together as a couple and fall in love with each other. Hazel and Gus both have great personalities and have their ups and downs with each other but it only brings them closer as a couple.  Hazel and Gus are a couple that really demonstrates an example of real true love.  Gus and Hazel go on a vacation together to visit Hazel’s favorite author. Gus uses his wish on her. That great trip was a great time for them. After that trip cancer really took its turn on the kids.

 The author of the novel, John Green has a great style of writing. John Green’s writing is great and he writes with great detail. John green uses many literary elements including metaphors. The author’s style of writing was not too hard to understand, but it was not too easy to understand. The author’s style of writing was medium. Before reading this book it would be helpful for a teen to understand what cancer really is and how bad of a disease it is. This book would appeal to teens over the age of 13 who like love stories. I would not recommend is novel to kids under the age of 13 because there are some parts in the book that they might not understand and there is an inappropriate part that you must be mature in order to read it.  All in all I personally thought that The Fault in Our Stars by John Green was a great novel and I think that it defiantly deserves a 5 star rating. Nicole S.; Teen Reviewer.

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