Monday, June 16, 2014

Paper Towns Book Review

Paper Towns
            Paper Towns is a jaw-dropping novel by John Green is full of mystery, adventure, and love.  Quentin (Q) is in love with Margo Roth Spiegelman, but she does not know that.  Margo has fascinated Q for as long as he can remember but he has never had the courage to go up to her and tell her.  They have been friends since the very beginning as well, but went different ways when they got older.  That all changes on one fateful night, when Margo climbs through Q’s window and proposes a plan of revenge that she needs Q’s help with.  Together they go on an adventure and humiliate Margo’s enemies like, Margo’s boyfriend and her past friends.  But when Margo does not come back after a couple of days Q starts to worry.  Margo disappears from time to time but he knows that this time is different.  She is not a missing minor anymore, so the cops do not really search for her.  Therefore, Q starts his own search for her with his friends, Ben and Radar, and Ben’s girlfriend and Margo’s ex-best friend, Lacey.  They travel to many places and go on an outright crazy journey just to find her.  Along the way they find clues that they believe will lead them to her, but will it be enough to find her?

            John Green uses writing that is easily understood.  He is descriptive but not too wordy.  The novel makes you think about yourself and who you really are.  Each word and sentence will leave you wanting more until you find out who the real Margo is and where she went.  People who love adventure and love coming together into one novel will like this book.   Elizabeth B.; Teen Reviewer

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