Tuesday, February 4, 2014

That Was Then, This Is Now Book Review

      “That Was Then, This is Now” by S.E. Hinton was a good book. It is mostly about two teenage boys named Bryon and Mark. Bryon’s mom had adopted Mark when he was little. His parents had gotten drunk and killed each other. The boys are best friends, but start to find that they are growing apart. Bryon seems to be maturing and growing up while Mark isn’t. Bryon soon learns that Mark has been dealing drugs to make money. Even though this was to help pay his mother’s hospital bills, Bryon knew it was wrong. He has to decide whether to keep this a secret or tell the truth. This could just possibly change everything.

          I think the author fulfilled her purpose in what she set out to do. Bryon is the narrator of the story and the plot flows. S.E. Hinton explains how difficult it is to grow up and face adult-like challenges and choices. It shows that life isn’t always easy. I feel like this book would be more for high school students. It is appealing to teens because it deals with growing up. It shows how sometimes our friends can change. Some mistakes cannot be forgiven. Even though I had hoped for a happier ending, I think that is the whole point of the story. Sometimes life isn’t fair and choices that we make can change everything. I think this title is worth having in the library collection. Most kids will like it, especially if they like S.E. Hinton. Elizabeth Y.; Teen Reviewer

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