Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Looking For Alaska Book Review

Looking For Alaska by John Green

                In this wild and senseless novel by John Green, Miles decides to go off into the real world and go to boarding school. His new roommate and him become best of friends, and he is love struck when he meets this crazy, outgoing girl Alaska. He has hopelessly fallen in love her and when he finally thinks they have a have chance together, suddenly, one night she passes away. After grieving her death, they needed to find closure so they go out and try to find out everything that happened that night. This novel is shocking and will wanting you to keep on reading.

                In Looking for Alaska, the author does a great job of getting you into each characters life. You really feel like you know them when you are done reading the book. He captures every moment so well, with all the details he provides and the descriptions. After every chapter you want to read more. I personally could not put the book down. The love Miles has for Alaska is so sweet and endearing. John Green makes you fall in love with the characters and every emotion they feel you feel. Leading up to Alaska’s death I was actually scared and worried for her. This book is most appropriate to teens in high school. Teens that like books with a messed up love story and some suspense and drama will need to pick up this book. It is one of John Green’s best worksAlly M., Teen Reviewer

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