Monday, May 6, 2013

The Sky is Everywhere Book Review

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
                The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson is an emotional and honest story of a girl, Lennie Walker, coming to terms with her older sister’s sudden death. The story follows Lennie from the stages of grief and sadness to the possibility of happiness in her life again. Lennie finds solace in her sister’s boyfriend, Toby, who shares her burden with her. But, she is intrigued and relieved by the new boy in town, Joe, who shares her love of music. Lennie’s journey is not an easy one, it is filled with ups and downs, but her narration is honest and true throughout it all.
                Nelson writes in a style that flows smoothly and is a pleasure to read. The book is interspersed with poems that Lennie wrote. These poems are poignant, insightful, and beautiful, although usually somber and sad. These poems fit nicely into the frame of the story, and adds depth to the story as well. Nelson’s fluid style keeps the reader captivated, and makes it almost impossible to put the book down.
                Readers who are interested in music may enjoy this novel because music is an integral part of Lennie’s journey. Nelson portrays music in a way that anyone can understand, but only musicians can truly connect to. This aspect of music, and the meaning and impact of music adds another dimension to the novel, and makes Lennie’s story more relatable and more meaningful. Dwiju H.; Teen Reviewer

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